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Sustainability Ventures is an Australian company active in the fields of Agritech, Biotech and Cleantech. We are driven by the desire to make a difference in addressing the growing world population demand for energy, food and water. 

Specialising in the research, development and commercialisation of innovative sustainable technologies, Sustainability Ventures provides cutting edge solutions to the challenges of energy, water, food and greenhouse gas emissions that climate change has precipitated. 

Our products and services can be tailored to empower remote communities as well as to improve efficiencies in industrial and agricultural applications.

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Through unique expertise in wastewater treatment, Sustainability Ventures provides solutions to transform wastewater into energy generation and valuable by-products, often combined with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and use of non-arable land into a productive resource.

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Health Foods

Sustainability Ventures delivers systems that produce health foods in a sustainable manner. We have expertise in aquaculture, microgreens and algae based nutraceutical products, rich in omega-3, proteins and antioxidants for human and animal feed.

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Sustainability Ventures provide systems that improve efficiencies in renewable energy generation, while reducing carbon emissions. Feedstock sources include the sun, algae and effluent.

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